Top Baltimore Wrongful Death Attorney

Nash & Associates
Areas of practice: Medical Malpractice, Cerebral Palsy, Neurological Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Birth Trauma, Surgical Mistakes, Nursing Errors, Quadriplegia/Paraplegia, Amputation, Medication Errors, Loss or impairment of Vision, Wrongful Death, Failure to Diagnose Life-Threatening Conditions
Address : Mt. Washington Mill Business Center, The Carpenter Shop Building, 1340 Smith Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209
Phone : (410) 616-8866

Azrael, Gann & Franz, LLP
Azrael, Gann & Franz, LLP concentrates in personal injury and commercial litigation and business transactions. The firm, established in 1949, has achieved a prominent reputation in the field of complex injury/wrongful death, including airline crash litigation, assuming a lead role in multi-district litigation.
Address : 101 East Chesapeake Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21286
Phone : (410) 821-6800

Law Offices of Butschky, Ehlers & Butschky
We have assisted clients who have been injured in auto, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents, as well as those who have been hurt at work or on the job and may qualify for workers' compensation. We also handle wrongful death, survival actions and Maryland medical malpractice cases.
Address : The Vansant Building, 210 East Lexington Street, Suite 406, Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone : (410) 472-365

Salsbury Clements Bekman Marder & Adkins, LLC
Salsbury Clements Bekman Marder & Adkins, LLC concentrates on catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases. The firm has significant experience and expertise in handling medical and professional negligence, product liability, automobile, transportation, maritime, and complex business litigation.
Address : 300 W. Pratt Street, Suite 450, Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone : (410) 539-6633